5 cozy fireplaces to enjoy this winter

On Everything About Design blog, we will be featuring some of GHID’s best fireplace designs, and the coziest ones that you will want to sit by this winter! If you are looking to redesign your living room soon, then hopefully these living rooms with fireplaces inspire you when it comes to style or placement of furniture.

Rustic Styling Brings Out the Comfort

5 Cozy Fireplaces To Enjoy This Winter 1

This fireplace feels like it is the centerpiece of a stylish log cabin in the woods! With rustic charm and large comfortable chairs around it, this fireplace’s warmth comes partly from the visual warmth of the room itself. Dark wood tones and rustic pieces surround this fireplace and give it a charm that can’t be resisted!

Earth Tones and Stone Provide a Warm and Cozy Setting

5 Cozy Fireplaces To Enjoy This Winter 5

Speaking of cozy, the busyness of this living room, along with all of the seating options, makes this fireplace a desirable one. The rustic stone surrounding the fireplace provides a seat, so that you can enjoy the warmth while resting your feet. The earthy tones around the room give a feeling of nature and warmth to the space that enhances the warmth given off by the fireplace.

Simple and Classic Style Burns Bright

5 Cozy Fireplaces To Enjoy This Winter 3

This interior has a simple yet comfortable style, and the fireplace are matches. Surrounded by classic brick and white molding, this fireplace is framed well and draws your eye to the crackling flames just like it will draw the cold out of your body!

Big Chairs Provide Comfort While You Soak Up the Heat

5 Cozy Fireplaces To Enjoy This Winter 3

With massive chairs and low tables, this living room is all about relaxation, and the two leather seats in front of the fireplace ensure that any day spent in this room will be full of relaxation and warmth from the fireplace! This is a room style that you can get comfortable in this winter.

At First Glance It Seems Cold, But Take a Closer Look

5 Cozy Fireplaces To Enjoy This Winter 4

Don’t let the grey colors of this room make you feel cold, because when this fire starts roaring, the stones and wood around it will start making sense. This is a striking fireplace, surrounded by a lot of stonework, but the big leather chairs provide the comfort you need to feel warm from the fire.