10 ways to up the romance factor in your home

How to design your house more romantic and sweeter? Find your awesome ideas below with Everything About Design

We’ll admit it — we’re suckers for a little romance. Bring on the moonlit walks, candlelit dinners, The Notebook! But when it comes to decorating, it gets tricky.

How do you set the stage for romance without going too girly?  What’s the line between boudoir and brothel when it comes to the bedroom? We’re here to show you how to embrace your inner romantic at home without going overboard.

1. A Neutral Color Palette and Minimal Patterns are Key.

10 Ways to Up the Romance Factor in Your Home 1

via Elle Decor

While red and pink are great for roses, they’re far too obvious a palette for the home. Instead, opt for a serene neutral palette that keeps your focus on the most important thing in the room…your certain someone. Soft linens and a four poster bed never hurt either.

2. Keep Fresh Flowers Around.

Real love is messy and your floral arrangements should capture that freewheeling vibe. Skip formal or overly-arranged bouquets and opt for a more undone, casual collection of flowers in an antique vase for a sweet dose of romance.

3. Incorporate Large, Gilded Mirrors.

Take a cue from the epic romances of the past and reflect on your future together by adding antique gilded mirrors to your space. Mirrors make your room feel larger, and some people love them in the (ahem) bedroom. No comment.

4. Display Your Love for Antiques and Vintage.

There’s something truly romantic about pieces with history. Go vintage shopping with your partner, include old family pieces in your home and repurpose mementos from your relationship in creative ways.

5. Pick Fabrics You Want to Cozy Up To.

Textures are the unsung heroes of the home. Set the mood by picking please-touch fabrics like velvet, cashmere and fur.

6. Pair Blush Tones and Copper Metallics.

Take a cue from your blushing cheeks and incorporate that tone in your home. Balance the sweetness of blush pink with metallics or black and white accents.

7. Opt for Flowing Drapery and Airy Curtains.

Every love nest needs a little privacy, so consider grand drapes if you want to create a little hideaway or floaty sheers if you want an air of mystery.

8. Get a Little Racy With Your Art.

“Paint me like one of your French girls,” goes the lead-up to one of the most steamy movie scenes of all time. Take a cue from Jack and Rose and hang a classical nude or four in your space. Prefer to go a little more subtle? Figurative portraits work as well.

9. Mix Styles.

No one wants to live full time in a frilly love den (your parents need to come visit at some point after all). To strike the perfect balance, we recommend mixing styles. This dining room blends old and new, rustic and refined, and modern and traditional. The fresh flowers, glam chandelier and pink hues say romance but the neon sign and the white wire chair lend balance.

10. Lighting. Lighting. Lighting.

If there’s anything that gets the sparks flying, it’s lighting. Dress up your overhead fixtures with a glittering chandelier or set the mood with soft, dim lamplight.